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Why Aagam?

Aagam-Watch, Learn, Apply furnishes teachers with technologies that help them connect with more students worldwide. Aagam’s world-class technology support helps teachers and organizations to give their students a breathtaking online learning experience. Aagam’s assistance not only makes online learning interactive for students but also provide them with a luxury feeling.

Free Technology Support

Free web-page for your coaching

AAGAM delivers teachers and organizations with an engaging web-page to connect with students interactively.

Through this web-page, teachers/organization can do the following:

  •   Conduct lectures
  •   Conduct exams
  •   Share notes
  •   Use learning management software (LMS)
  •   A teacher/organization can attract new students worldwide through this web-page by uploading demo lectures, testimonials and services on it.

Free Virtual Classrooms

AAGAM-Watch, Learn, Apply empowers teachers and organizations with an extraordinary and easy to use virtual classroom with their website using which they can interact with their students efficiently and effectively.

Following are the features of the virtual classroom;

  •   Use Whiteboard with countless other features to annotate.
  •   Save content written on Whiteboard as pdf in your device.
  •   Upload pdf on the screen and annotate on it.
  •   Play YouTube videos in the live class without advertisement.
  •   Conduct Polls in the live class.
  •   Share your screen with students.
  •   Chat with the entire class or send them messages privately.
  •   Raise hand options for the students to ask doubts in the live class.

Free online tesing platform

AAGAM-Watch, Learn, Apply combines a robust and secured testing platform with the teacher’s/organization’s website to evaluate their students’ performance.

Here are the features of the exam platform:

  •   Conduct subjective exams.
  •   Conduct single correct answer MCQ exam.
  •   Conduct multiple correct answers MCQ exam.
  •   Share report of the exam with parents.
  •   Share response of the exams with students.

Free learning management software

AAGAM- Watch, Learn, Apply integrates an easy to use learning management software.

Following are the features:

  •   Schedule lectures in advance.
  •   Manage students activity by conducting groups.
  •   Manage classes of teachers from the admin panel .
  •   Conduct different exams.
  •   Share attendance report and exam results with the parent.

Free marketing support

AAGAM- Watch, Learn, Apply is operational in seventeen countries, and hence, AAGAM assists a teacher, or an organization get new students worldwide.

AAGAM organizes multiple advertisings and marketing campaigns on social media, and Google, to give the brand name of an organization, or a teacher a distinctive identity.

aagam is a robust, easy-to-use and secure exam platform

On an average day, more than 1000 teachers are teaching their students from Aagam platform. It fulfils all requirements set out by the National Agency for Education in India and is used for national examinations.

Free to use

During 2020, Aagam is an online platform to help teachers conduct classes and share notes with their students.

Quick and easy to create a new exam.

Aagam supports uploading of PDF files or pasting from other documents, e.g. Microsoft Word, directly into the exam tool.

Aagam is an advanced platform that can be used from any web browser.

Any-browser mode is secure enough for many exam situations, and high-security mode can be achieved by using the platform's free high-security options.

High reliability

with an infrastructure that automatically scales and handles a large number of concurrent users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aagam is an unique online media service (India’s first “over-the-top” media service for education) that offers multiple services to teachers and students which they require in their academic year.
  • You can watch the video lectures of concept centralised and application based content in the form of addictive web-series, comprehensive documentaries, and entertaining sci-fi movies.
  • You can brainstorm your doubts and master concept from some of the best teachers closest to you (with an option of paying fees per hour/session basis).
  • You can join a coaching institute, or an organisation, or a seminar etc through this platform and continue your online sessions with them without any break.
  • You can watch demo lectures of tutors you like for free.
  • You can give multiple exams, all India test series, prepare for mock interviews, apply for internships, apply for jobs etc through this unique platform.
  • You can chat with your teachers, batchmates, share documents and media file on the same platform.
  • You can book an appointment, or book a session with the teacher you like or an industry expert in advance (2 days).
  • If you can teach and are looking for part time job, then you can apply for the job of tutor at multiple organisations and institutes through this platform.
Aagam doesn’t charge anything from students for using it’s service. Students just have to pay the fees of teachers/coaching institutes/organisation which they select to learn from. Where can I watch, learn, and apply?

You can watch, learn, apply, anytime (or at the time scheduled by your teacher), anywhere, on an unlimited number of devices. Sign in with your aagam account to watch instantly on the web at from your personal computer or web-responsive apps on your phones, tablets etc.
You can watch, learn, apply, anytime (or at the time scheduled by your teacher), anywhere, on an unlimited number of devices. Sign in with your aagam account to watch instantly on the web at from your personal computer or web-responsive apps on your phones, tablets etc.